The Khazzan Project for SME Development (the “Khazzan”) is part of BP Oman’s community development program in Oman

The goal of the Khazzan is to develop the skills sets of existing, early stage, small and medium size enterprises (SMEs). Eligible SMEs will be operated and majority owned by the Omani entrepreneurs/owners. This development is implemented over the course of many months of intensive, practical, and hands-on business training.

The Khazzan aims to enrich, at the community level, the entrepreneurial culture of the targeted areas (primarily Dhahirah and Dhaklya). This enrichment is achieved via the establishment of “entrepreneur pods” or study groups of local entrepreneurs and small business owners. The entrepreneurs in these pods will work together to complete the intensive training, guided and supported by the trainers and staff of Inspired Solutions and Sharakah.

Entrepreneurs who graduate from the training will then be in a position to make application for a non-repayable grant to help grow their businesses. 30 entrepreneurs will be trained and 20 will receive grants.

Overall goals of the Khazzan Project for SME development:

  • Increase the probability of success for Omani SMEs in the targeted areas
  • Strengthen the local entrepreneur communities and culture
  • Showcase BP’s on-going commitment to develop the local communities and address major development issues
  • Contribute to Oman’s socio-economic growth
  • Increase the number of jobs created through local SMEs
  • Elevate the performance of existing small businesses
  • Build greater local SME capacity in areas such as finance, marketing, sales, etc.
  • Complement existing SME support initiatives